Thursday, July 23, 2009

We're Coming Home!

Barring something totally unforeseen, we will be home July 3oth in time to celebrate our son Jake's  19th birthday!  I have a few final tests that they will do Monday and Tuesday before I am released, but they do not anticipate any problems and told us to make our plans to go home.  Everything about the liver has checked out perfectly to this point, and it seems to be functioning as well as could be hoped.

It has been such a whirlwind, and the news came as a pleasant surprise, and is really emotional for both of us.  Can't wait to see everyone, but maybe just not everyone on the first day.  Thanks again to everyone for their love, prayers and support, we could not have done it without you.  Love, Rick and Jeanine


  1. Hi Rick,

    That is WONDERFUL news! I think about you and your adventure daily and look forward to getting on this site to check out the continuing good news, pictures and comments. Michael and Andrew ask about your progress often. We can't believe how great you look! I can only partially imagine what an ordeal this has been for you both. You are to be admired for your courage, persistence, faith and positive attitude and outlook - you are an awesome person. That goes ditto for Jeanine. I (as everyone here) so enjoy having Jake around the office. He is so helpful and upbeat, not to mention his great sense of humor. He just fits into this crazy group so well! You and Jeanine have done a wonderful job as parents. I will miss Jake when he goes back to college. We are all very excited about your home coming and will try to respect your request of not being overwhelmed by the HWBM family!! My continued positive, healing vibes are with you. Peace and Blessings to you and Jeanine. Love, Susan

  2. Wow!! What fantastic news!! I'll see the guys tonight at the Ems game, I'll spread the news. Do you fly into PDX or Eug? We may see you at the airport, we come back to Eugene that day too. Hopefully the expected heat wave will be over by then :) Jeff

  3. Congrats Rick!
    Dave Snow

  4. Congratulations!!!
    please keep us posted on your return flight arrangements. We don't want to overwhelm you when you return, but we are really looking forward to seeing you.

    p.s. Leslie returns from Ghana tonight.


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