Saturday, July 25, 2009

Got through yesterdays kidney function test without any apparent problems. Three hours of continuous water consumption and bladder emptying, with the threat of a catheter if I didn't completely empty my bladder--that was a lot of fun. Last big test is I think Monday afternoon when they will do another ultrasound of the liver to see if everything is still looking good.

We have made our flight arrangements, and we are set to come home in to Eugene on United via Denver. We should land about 2:00. Hope the boys are ready for the new regimen of sanitation we will be going through at the house. Actually, it shouldn't be all that bad. Mostly having to be conscious about food preparation and clean up around the kitchen. I can be around people without any concerns other than around those with colds or a bug. Have to really watch that the first several months.

No real problems from this end other then some continued light-headeness which is apparently do to low blood pressure. They want me eating salty things with lots of fluids to bring that back up. Between that and all of the fats Jeanine is trying to pour into me I will probably have a heart attack! Walking around as much as I can, but legs are still feeling pretty weak .

I want to let everyone know that I/we really look forward to seeing you. Please feel free to call and/or come by. If it gets to be too much, or if I get to tired, I will let you know. Flowers are still probably not a good idea for us to have around the house for a few weeks. Love, Rick

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  1. Yippee!

    Eat lots of bacon for that fat/salt combo.

    See you in Bluegene, Steve


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