Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Message from Jeanine: Rick received the call at 6:00AM on Monday July 6th to fly to Rochester, MN for the liver transplant. We were very happy to learn that we were at the top of the list 1.5 months earlier than expected!

Two hours later, Rick was on a flight and 18 hours later, he began the transplant operation. Rick also donated his liver to a recipient- "the domino effect." I followed Rick on a separate flight and was able to visit with him prior to the procedure. Also, my brother Ed flew out to stay for a week with us.

The 8-hour operation was a success and the doctors are monitoring his condition to make sure that his body accepts the new 40-year old liver. Dr. Scanlon told us this morning, "Congratulations on receiving the new liver. Everything's going great."

Rick should be out of the Intensive Care Unit by the end of today. He's a bit tired and sore, but that's normal. Rick won't be on his cell or the computer for some time, but you can contact Jeanine at or by texting her at 541-914-7135. You can also try Ed Miesen at or text him at 206-325-2912.

Everyone who's prayed and sent positive thoughts to us has made a big difference. We really feel your love and support. Thank you so much.

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  1. Rick,

    We are wishing you positive thoughts! Get well soon, we are so happy you received a new liver.

    Hi Jeanine!

    The Higgins Family, Mike, Shari, Jon and Ben


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