Friday, July 10, 2009

Thanks to all for their comments and texts. I've been much more active today. Feeling better, but not much appetitie do to the amyloid. But the Dr.s say I am doing great, and I am further along than I would have imagined. My friend Bill Combs was out for a visit last night and that really lifted my spirits. My brother-inlaw Ed has been a godsend to Jeanine and I, and we would not be doing nearly as well without him here with us. I am feeling all of the energy being sent my way, and know that it has been instrumental in this whole process. My love and thanks to all, Rick


  1. Rick, So good to see your smiling face. I cannot wait to see it in person and to meet your lovely wife.

    I am so glad to hear things are well and you have a lovely place to sleep in.

    You are in my thoughts. Cherie Gregory

  2. Ricky baby, see you Wednesday.

    Generally liver transplant recipients do not receive extra challenges in Scrabble. We will evaluate for a possible exception.

    All is fine at the firm. There is a vicious rumor Brent is taking a day off.

    I talked to Jake....I am a mule for what you need from home.

    Love Rob

  3. Gosh darn it Rick I sure wish I was with Bill last night and today. He says the place is amazing and was so happy to see you guys there! Lots of loves to you guys and Ed. Hope to see you soon :)


  4. oh....and quit looking so darn cute in these pics! (you too Jeanine).

  5. Hi Uncle Rick! Jeff helped me figure out how to become a follower so I can leave you a comment. We are so very excited that you are doing as well as you are! From your picture you would never guess you just had major surgery. What a whirlwind these past days must have been for you both...what a blessing that things went as smoothly and quickly as they did. Know that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. I will check back often for updates...excited to hear more good news. We love you tons! Jeff, Ronda and Brayden :)

    P.S. The blog is so great!


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