Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rob and Rick


  1. Hey Rick, you and Rob look like you were out on the town. Love your shirt. Does it say Party Harder? If so I've got to get one. Enjoy your visit with Rob. Thinking about you and Jeanine every day and can see that things are going well.

    Keep up that positive attitude!

    Marta & Ed

  2. Aw there is a pair!!!!! Bossman, ya look fabby - diggin' da shirt too :) The Brown familia sends love and happy thoughts !!!

  3. Hey Rick! Just browsing your page with ma, and have to say you look great! So happy to see you're doing well, and wishing you the best recovery possible. Much love, -Andrew Halvorson

  4. Hey neighbor, is this a scam to get out of envying my yard? You look WAY too healthy, even fantastic. Jo and I are really proud of you. Your new setting sounds right up your street: lotsa people to joke and talk with in a healing setting. By the way, Andrew took out your garbage yesterday. He wants fifty bucks.
    Love to you and J. from Jo and me.

  5. Hey, Rick, Just figuring out this blog stuff. Had to have one of the younguns help me out!! Saw the CEO of Mayo interviewed on Charlie Rose a couple of nights ago. He was very impressive, quite the visionary so I know you have been in good hands. You look fantastic and I'm so happy to see that you are making such a speedy recovery. We really miss your bright spirit around here and can't wait to give you a hug when you get back. mwah!

    p.s. It was a brutal 106 degrees here yersterday. Gasp!

    Grandma Lola (G-Lo)


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