Saturday, July 18, 2009

So we re starting to settle into a routine at our new home, The Gift of Life House.  Medication, lots of it, everyday at 8 and 8.  Breakfast is usually busy with lots of early appointments for most of the patients.  Communal kitchen with everyone sharing in the work and clean up.  Each responsible for their own meals and clean up.  

Jeanine usually goes for a morning walk and I try to go down and work out for about 1/2 hour on the stairs.  The medications have me a little light-headed, but I am trying to get up and walk as much as possible.  There is almost always someone around if you want to talk, and if not there are a number of quiet areas for sitting, reading and meditating.  There are 3-4 tv rooms where someone is usually hanging out.  I am down several pounds as expected, so trying my best to keep up my weight and my fluids.

Mid-day we usually go for a walk, or rather, Jeanine pushes me around in a wheelchair.  Late afternoon and evening is very active around the kitchen, and you can usually run into just about everyone during that time.  After dinner there is a great porch with about 12 rocking chairs where people sit, talk, watch the fireflies and the sunset. We usually try to watch a movie later at night.  Hoping to maybe rent a car and get out and explore  little more next week.  My friend Dale is coming on Wednesday and will have a car, and he is always a good guide.

Not much testing next week.  Blood draw every other day or so.  Stitches should come out in about 9 days, and they will begin tapering some of my medications then too if all is still going well.  With luck, we look to be home the first week or so in August.

I really appreciate all of the cards, emails, texts, and facebook contact from everyone.  Your love and prayers are being received, and I look forward to seeing everyone soon.  Love, Rick  


  1. I hope Jeanine doesn't get use to pushing you around! You have been on my mind, sorry not to have reached out sooner. I will follow your progress and see you soon in Eugene.

  2. Good Morning from Eugene,

    Nice to see you doing so well that the jokes are coming from friends.

    If I can think of something funny to say I will post it here!! Har!

    Hugs, Stevie

  3. Hey Rick. Sounds like you are being a good patient. Wish I could be joing Dale in coming out to visit. I hoped to trvel north while I was in Iowa, but I was thrown a curve ball while I was there. I'll tell you about some other time. Keep up the good work. Don't let Dale wear you out. He is notorious for that.



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