Monday, July 27, 2009

See you Thrusday

Spent Sunday running errands and making plans to come home. Went out with our friends Scott and Gail to do some shopping. Gail is battling multiple myeloma, and going through chemo before doing her stem cell transplant. She was having issues with her hair falling out, so she and I both went to the barber and got our heads buzzed to ease the transition. Photo to be posted later.

When we got back there was a huge motorcycle rally for the Ronald McDonald House across the street from us. There were over 1000 motorcycles, Santa showed up, there was music; it was really pretty incredible.

All my test results we reviewed this morning checked out. The kidney function was ok, barely, but they said that would continue to improve. I asked the Dr. about his experience with people with my condition, and he said about 65% will show some neurological improvement with time. That was the best statisic we have heard so far. I have an ultrasound this afternoon, and my 48 staples across my belly come out tomorrow along with one last tube that is in my stomach. Tomorrow marks 3 weeks from the surgery. After that day I get to return to a normal diet, and I stop taking two more of my medications. All in all, a great morning!

Can't blelieve how short of an amount of time we ended up spending here. We had expected a more prolonged stay, but needless to say, we are looking forward to coming home! Love, Rick


  1. OK, you saw 1000 bikers AND Santa in JULY??? I'm envious ! We're havin' a heat wave here-- might have record breakin' temps in the next coupla days but YOU and jeanine comin' home on Thursday is the COOLEST thing! and... of my fave salty noshin' foods-- just an idea. Lookin' forward to throwin' a big hug on u and jeanine--- MUCH love, jeannie

  2. You had hair?!? Looking forward to seeing you. Let us know when you feel like visitors. Maybe we can play a little one on one, that way I might have a chance. Take care, Don

  3. Awesome you are back home so soon! Tom and I wish we could have made it to Mayo to experience some of it with you and Jeanine. We’re eager to come visit when you are up for it. -- Its been comforting to be able to go to your blog over the last few weeks when thinking about you guys and being able to read about your thoughts and experiences. Love Suzanne and Tom


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