Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So finishing my second day out of the hospital. Had a biopsy of the new liver today and everything looks good. No sign of rejection, and no infections of any type. The drs are very encouraging, and it appears I have cleared the initial hurdles.

Staying at the transplant house is an incredibly uplifting experience. It house 44 patients with their caretakers. It is dorm style, communal living. Everyone is here for similar reasons, from transplants of heart, liver and kidneys, to myeloma patients harvesting their own stem cells to battle their cancer. As a result, there is an instant bonding with all the people you meet. People want and need to share their story and experience, and want to support yours as well. Rides are offered, meals shared, and there are common areas to read, talk or watch tv together. It has really lifted my spirits, and is a steal at $25 per night! What a gift. Folks are from all over the country, and most here for several weeks like us, so friendships are plentiful. Then of course you run into them at various times of the day at different clinic appointments.

Can't thanks everyone enough for their support. I am truly starting to realize and appreciate this miraculous gift I have been given. Love to all, Rick


  1. I can't wait for the night on the deck saying "remember when....", so great!

  2. This morning as we waited for Rick's appointment we heard numerous helicopters coming in. I soon realized that these might be bringing in organs and new hopes for life. This place is full of miracles.

  3. ...... have i told you how much i love you lately?

  4. Keep the updates coming my friend!! Dennis & I had dinner last night and we are both very excited and happy for you :) We'll soon be down at the Jiff or the club putting that new liver through a work out :)


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