Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Continuing our journey

Pretty quiet the last few days.  Looking to get some progress reports on Thursday when I meet with my transplant coordinator.  Spent yesterday on the road exploring a bit with my friend Baine Palmer and Jeanine.  Went and had lunch at a little Amish community called Harmony, and then explored Lanesboro which is a small community that is a starting point for local biking, hiking and kayaking.  It was nice to get out for the day, but I got a little tired.

We were serenaded last night by some local Mennonites who came in and sang hymns for us here at the Gift of Life House.  It was very calming and soothing.  Then we were treated to an incredible thunder and lightning storm later in the evening.  It was right on top of us, and I was sure we would lose power but we didn't.

Overall, I am feeling pretty well as far as the surgery goes.  No pain, fever or complications.  Am having the continuing numbness, tingling and weakness in the legs which is what we are hoping will eventually go away as a result of the surgery.  Starting to turn our thoughts towards returning home.  It is scary in a way, because Mayo is such a nice safety net next door in case of any problems.  Starting to think about and embrace the transitions we will face when we get back.  Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.  Love,  Rick


  1. Can't wait to have you guys back home! Im glad you will be back in time to enjoy another beautiful summer in Eugene.

  2. Rick, try not to worry about the future. I know it's scary going from a nice, comfortable, facility like the Transplant House, transistioning back home. You'll do fine and Ed and I will there to help in anyway we can. Heck, I'm retired so I can hang out with you any time you want. Take Care, Marta


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