Friday, November 6, 2009

A long week of tests has come to a close. This will be the first time I leave here without fear of what is to come. As far as the transplant is concerned, my Dr. said my "report card couldn't be any higher". That was great to hear. I won't see them again until next July. Surgically speaking, everything is great.

My neurological tests showed that there was no improvement, but that doesn't surprise or discourage me. They basically just tested my feet and lower legs, and I knew they hadn't improved. They are the furthest away in my nervous system and will be the last to heal. I can definitely see changes in my thighs, I feel stronger, and that is very encouraging. I see this as basically a test of trust, acceptance and patience.

We were fortunate to see several friends while we were here, and we all are going to try to reunite once again for our one year checkups. I am exhausted right now, but feel better than I have in months, and remain firm in my belief in ability to be healed. Love to all, Rick

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