Monday, August 17, 2009

My test results continue to improve. There are no signs of any rejection, so that's good news. They did find that I have a bacterial infection which they are not taking lightly. They have put me on an antibiotic to deal with that and will watch it closely. They still have moderate concern about a possible bile duct infection, but that is looking less likely. Just to be safe they will keep me here a few more days. They will run some more tests on Wednesday, and if my numbers are stable or continue to improve, then we will come home as scheduled on Thursday.

It was probably good that we came back here even though it was a hassle. Had a few things arise that are of definite concern and we are glad that it happened here. I feel confident things will be fine when we get back home. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon. Love, Rick

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  1. Glad you are in good hands. All is well here, except we miss our neighbors! love to u both


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