Friday, August 14, 2009

Good News

My blood tests from Thursday showed an improvement in my enzyme levels. The ultrasound of the liver looked good, and the biopsy showed an absence of rejection. They will keep me until Monday to do more blood work, and absent any problems, then let me come back home.

They think the problem with the enzymes is due to either a slight obstruction in the bile duct which they don't think requires any further treatment at this time, or could be attributed to some type of intestinal bug. Neither of these possibilities necessitate any major concerns at this point.

Had a slight scare this morning when a tube was removed from my bile duct. Apparently there was some brief leakage reulting in some major abdominal pain, but fortunately it resolved itself within a few hours. So it looks like another weekend at the Gift of Life, then back home.

See you soon. Love, Rick


  1. BEST news i.... and about 30 others around the factory.... have had all week !!!

  2. Great news!! Sounds like a rough couple of days. We can't wait for your return.


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