Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No post since June 14?  I've been delinquent.  Anyway, had the PET scan which couldn't rule out cancer, so I ended up going in for a biopsy of the lung in early July and NO CANCER!  Nice.  Turns out it is a fungal infection in my lung.  Sounds like its pretty treatable, but I'll be on a new prescription for about six months to treat it.  I have about two months of it left to go and it doesn't seem to be causing any real side effects.

I've reduced myself to 70% time at work.  It is really starting to take a toll on me, but once I'm there I still like my job, and I love my co-workers and partners.  I am determined to keep working as long as I can, and as long as I can perform my work properly.  So far that has not been a problem.

My symptoms continue to slowly worsen.  My weight is down to 125 lbs, primarily due to muscle atrophy from the nerve damage.  I look at myself in the mirror and hardly recognize the reflection ay more.   I made it to the Duck game again last week but it is getting pretty difficult getting in and out of the stadium.   The ongoing challenge has been to let go of identifying myself by my physical appearance ad abilities.  Although my body shell continues to diminish, I remain the same person inside.  Who I AM has not changed.

My youngest son, Jake, moved back home with us in August for the next year.  His energy and vitality are infectious, and it has been a real boost for both Jeanine and I.  As always I am looking forward to the upcoming holidays--its my favorite time of the year.  Blessings to all, Rick

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