Saturday, June 1, 2013

Latest results

So I wrapped up two days of tests in Arizona with mostly good news.  The neuropathy which I perceive to be worse is consistent with a slight worsening of nerve conductivity based upon my EMG test.  That was not unexpected.  The cardiac involvement does appear to have progressed, and that was a pleasant surprise.  I thought I was going to get out the door at that point with an overall good checkup, but then was told they had found a "spot" on my right lung that wasn't there a year ago.  Nothing was discussed about what it might be.  The next step is just to get more information.  So I will be getting a chest CT when I get back to Eugene.  A little bit of investigation on the internet indicates these are often benign nodes or some scarring from some infection.  We'll see.

The question to contemplate for next year is whether to go to Scottsdale or back to Rochester for my annual visit.  Scottsdale actually exceeded my expectations.  The care and competency of the Dr.s and staff was comparable.  But as I indicated previously, its on such a smaller scale.  It was so much easier to get around to the various appointments as they were in such closer proximity to each other.  I know that if it were to involve any type of long term stay I'd go back to Rochester.  The Gift of Life House would play a big part in that choice.  But if its only for a few days, you don't really need the same type of support in your living arrangement.  And if only for a few days, you won't really make those type of connections anyway.  That will be a decision for next spring.  Well, on to the next challenge next week to see what the CT has to show me.

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  1. Very often it's the last key on the key ring that opens the lock. Don't you dare give up! (Rev Run)

    Sending lots of love, positive thoughts and wishes your way. Penny


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