Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Greetings from hot and humid Rochester. Two days of tests down and two to go. Got some results today that all looked good for the most part. The focus is on what the remaining amyloid proteins in my body have been doing for the last year since the transplant. The transplant itself halted further production of the protein, but at the time there was still a lot of it in my body. So the tests are to determine if they have attached to and caused any damage to any other organs.

The initial tests on my heart (ekg and xray) look good. The blood work shows an increase of a particular peptide that is indicative of a possible complication. The real test is the echocardiogram which I had today after I saw my Dr. The technician isn't allowed to tell you anything, but they had to come in and get some more pictures and I overheard them talking about a thickening of the heart wall that they wanted more views of. Even if that happened I don't think it is a major concern. The Dr. indicated that after the first year there is little chance of any further problems. I can't imagine any significant damage could have been done since the last echocardiogram in November. We see the Dr. again with all of my final results Friday about 4:00, so I plan on posting good news that evening and celebrating with Jeanine that night.

Our friends Scott and Gail left today on the winds of great news for Gail. She gets to stop her chemotherapy, and basically does not have to come back to Mayo again at any point in the near future. Her cancer is under control, her numbers are good, and she is free to put this chapter behind her. Although our times together at the Gift House are at an end, our friendship will continue.

I better close for now. It is our night to clean the kitchen, and Jeanine will think I am ducking my duties. I hope this finds everyone well. Be sure to pay it forward and let your loved ones know they are cared for. Love, Rick

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