Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hello to all my friends and family. I thought I would touch base and update my blog. Things seem to be progressing well. The number and doses of my medication continue to get reduced, so that should help boost my immune system. I have been feeling good as far as the surgery goes. My energy level is improving, and I have put on about 4 pounds since leaving Rochester.

Last May 26, Jeanine and I celebrated our 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, our time and energy at the time was consumed with my pending surgery. We just had a belated celebration on the island of Kauai where we relaxed in the sun, explored the island, and connected with old friends. I did one fairly strenuous hike with the aid of some hiking poles, and enjoyed swimming in the ocean and testing my limits a little. My legs and lower body continue to be challenged, but I am of the belief they will continue to get better. Nerves just take a long time to heal, so I have to be patient.

I return to Mayo for a week of scheduled tests on November 2d. We will see some old friends at that time, and I hope and assume we will continue to get good news. Hope everyone out there is doing well. Love, Rick

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