Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some friends from Portland stopped by yesterday and said I needed to update my status on the blog for those who live out of town or haven't seen me since my most recent trip to Mayo.

We have been back in Eugene for 2 weeks now. Everything seems to be going ok so far. My weekly blood work has been checking out well. I am trying to exercise each day. I am walking over a mile now. My legs are still really compromised and it remains to be seen if or when they will improve. There was a lot of nerve damage done before they were able to do the surgery. My neuropathy in both legs is pretty significant, but will hopefully improve with time. But without interaction from the nerves, I really can't strengthen my leg muscles, and with all of the numbness my balance is not too good. However I am able to walk and that is saying a lot. I believe that I will continue to improve from here on.

I am going to work two 1/2 days this week and next and see how that goes. That shouldn't be too taxing, and if it goes well I will build up my time from there. I am scheduled to go back to Mayo again the first part of November, and hope to reunite with some old friends at that time, and get some more positive test results. I probably won't have many posts until then. Assume that no blog news is good blog news. Until then, my love to all. Rick

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